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Businesses whether commercial, industrial or agricultural can find a number energy-efficiency technologies that can reduce utility costs, improving the bottom line. Don’t forget the water! MPOWER can finance a number of water conservation measures, too.

Manage your building’s energy and water consumption through:

  • Building energy management system
  • High efficiency lighting and lighting control systems
  • Heat recovery systems and cooling towers
  • Smart irrigation controllers and rainwater cisterns

Reduce operational costs through:

  • Insulation and cool roofs
  • High efficiency windows and doors
  • Customer electric vehicle plug-in station
  • Solar thermal hot water system

Choose from our standard list of eligible improvements or utilize our custom measure application to install cutting edge technology designed specifically for your building’s needs.

Where to start

Start with an Energy Audit which will identify a number of energy saving options. For non-residential properties, there are three types energy audits.

More Energy and Water Efficient Measures

Non-residential property owners can find many more ideas for energy and water savings here. Also refer to the extensive non-residential eligible improvements list. For detailed descriptions of improvements refer to:

Remember, an energy audit can help identify the most cost effective improvements to make. Learn more about the types of audits available at Energy Audits for Non-residential.

Benchmarking Requirement

With the adoption of Assembly Bills 1103 and 531 building owners are required to disclose energy usage data to a prospective buyer, lessee or lender. The information is gathered by using an energy benchmarking system.


Truckee-Donner Public Utility District

Visit the Glossary of Improvements for definitions select terms and concepts.

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