Estimated Annual Payment

Estimated Annual Property Tax:

This is the estimated amount of your assessment.

Annual Interest Rate
The current interest rate is 6%.

Assessment Repayment Term (years):
The repayment term is based on the useful life of your improvement. Please refer to our Non-Residential Eligible Improvements.

Assessment Date:
Enter the assessment date as XX/01/XXXX. The assessment date is determined by the completion of the project plus 1 month. Funds are disbursed on the first and third Thursdays of the month, provided all required documentation has been submitted to MPOWER at least 5 days prior.

The cutoff for assessments to appear on the next annual property tax bill is August 1. Assessment dates after August 1 will appear on the following year’s tax bill.

Press the calculate button after completing all fields and each time you change any of the information.

*Disclaimer: This calculator is to be used for estimate only and in no way guarantees the final terms for your assessment or approval to participate in the MPOWER Program. Please contact an MPOWER Program Specialist about terms and conditions at 530-889-4174 or by email at
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