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Since When is Getting Audited Good News?

The answer is: when it’s an energy audit. You’ve heard the old adage, “Knowledge is Power”? That couldn’t be truer than in the case of identifying how a building is losing energy. This knowledge can give you the power to save money on your energy bills. When a professional energy audit is completed it’s easy to see, not only where your building is losing energy (resulting in higher energy costs), but how quickly you can recover the costs of energy improvements. This knowledge enables the owner to make informed decisions and see immediate results. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than instant gratification.

The problem for many business property owners is that they lack the time to invest in learning about new technologies, what works best for their building and how to implement them. Perhaps they don’t know anything about energy audits, who performs them and what they cost. The good news is that, even though there are companies that specialize in energy audits and others that offer them as one of their services, many utility providers offer FREE energy audits.

This is good news, not only for property owners, but contractors. For contractors, utilizing the information provided by one of these free energy audits can be a powerful sales tool without incurring up-front costs. Whether the building can benefit from sealing leaks in walls and ceilings, adding high efficiency lights, adding insulation or installing a high efficiency water heater, an energy audit can reveal simple cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption. By coupling that information with available rebates from the utility provider, your client will see that you have the foresight to look for easy, low cost ways of saving them money. This approach can free up capital that your client can invest in larger ticket items that are also needed, thus, reducing the overall payback period.

Oftentimes the energy saved will be more than the cost of the improvement.

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